Becoming a Central Committee member, explained

What is the Central Committee of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party?

The Central Committee is composed of one Democrat per county precinct and is sometimes also referred to as the Precinct Committee. The Central Committee is the grassroots backbone of the party.

What does the Central Committee do?

The Central Committee votes on and changes the bylaws of the County Democratic Party, and elects the party chair. Additionally, members choose the City/Ward leaders and the Executive Committee of their City/Ward. The Central Committee also appoints Democratic replacements to Cuyahoga County Council. In short, you will have an official say in what the Democratic Party does.

How do I become a member of the Central Committee?

You run for the office in your precinct. You can still run as a write-in candidate, even though the filing deadline to appear on ballots has passed. To get elected as a write-in candidate, you need to file Form 13 with the Board of Elections.

When is the filing deadline?

Filing deadlines have passed for 2022.

How much of a time commitment is the Central Committee?

Running for the Central Committee is a minimal time commitment that is flexible based upon your availability. However, we are looking to create a more active Democratic party. Here are just some of the activities that might entail:

  • Building a relationship with other precinct leaders in your ward
  • Reaching out to voters in your precinct through door knocking, attending neighborhood events or other means
  • Running a voter registration drive in your precinct
  • Attending ward club meetings
  • During an election year, engaging residents by hosting an event with candidates such as a meet-and-greet, a card signing event, a neighborhood canvass, etc.

We estimate a time commitment of an hour or two each month, but your involvement can be greater based on availability.